Lexus A/F and O2

This bulletin applies to 2007-2010 Lexus ES350 and RX350 models. Some vehicles may exhibit a MIL on DTC P0138 and/or P0158 (oxygen sensor circuit high voltage bank 1 or 2). In some instances, a P2195 or P2197 (A/F sensor signal stuck lean) DTC may also be present.
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Lexus shaft bearing spacers

Some 2007-2011 4WD Lexus GS350 vehicles may exhibit a whine noise around 60 mph on deceleration or when cruising. Production changes have been made to eliminate the noise. Follow the procedure in this bulletin to address this condition.
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Pop goes the Lexus

Some 2011-2012 Lexus LS 460 AWD vehicles may exhibit a front suspension noise described as a “spring pop” while driving slowly and turning the steering wheel to the left or right lock position.
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Lexus rattle

Under certain driving conditions, owners of TMMC (Canadian built) Lexus RX 330 and RX 350 models may complain of a rattle, vibration or thumping noise from underneath the vehicle.
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Lexus shift lever caution

This TSB provides information regarding transmission and/or Park-Neutral position switch installation on various Lexus vehicles, including 2006 GS300, 2007-2011 GS350, 2006-2007 GS430, 2010-2012 GX460, 2003-2009 GX470, 2006-2012 IS250/IS350, 2010-2012 IS250C/IS350C, 2004-2006 LS430, 2003-2007 LX470, 2008-2012 LX570 and 2006-2010 SC430 vehicles, all equipped with automatic transmission.
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