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Cromax has launched ChromaLamp, the hand-held LED light source that’s an indispensible tool for bodyshops that want to achieve the best possible finish results.
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  • 19.10.2016
Standox has launched new VOC Pro Filler Accelerator U7535, which it says makes application of Standox VOC Pro Filler U7530 even more efficient as it enables even faster drying at ambient temperatures and helps bodyshops save time and energy when preparing vehicles for repair.
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  • 03.08.2016
2010-2011 Infiniti vehicles equipped with power door locks can be set with the auto-lock and auto-unlock functions enabled or disabled. Some models may have additional functions that can only be changed with CONSULT.
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  • 30.04.2015
This TSB applies to 2012-2013 VW Passat models. Under certain conditions (speed, force, temperature), the day time running light (DRL) bulb can be subjected to premature failure.
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  • 14.11.2014
This TSB applies to a range of Volvo vehicles, including type 124, 134, 135, 136, 156, 533, 544 and 545. Incorrect, reduced or non-operative power window function may be found.
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  • 08.10.2014
Under certain driving conditions, owners of TMMC (Canadian built) Lexus RX 330 and RX 350 models may complain of a rattle, vibration or thumping noise from underneath the vehicle.
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  • 11.09.2014
This TSB applies to E46 (3 Series), E60/E61 ( 5 Series), E63/E64 (6 Series) and E53 (X5) BMW models. After replacing the Body Module (KGM or GM, depending on model), and updating the vehicle software, the one-touch power window feature is inoperable.
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  • 09.07.2014


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