TÜV SÜD has shared its thoughts on winter and all-season tyres. While the testing and certification specialist doesn’t wish to cast doubt over the safety advantage winter tyres offer when driving on snow and ice, it also considers all-season tyres a suitable choice for motorists who only drive in flat or lowland regions and spend a lot of time on the motorway.
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  • 11.10.2016
Claims Management & Adjusting (CMA) has called on Highways England to urgently review the arrangements for clearing debris from UK motorways following a worrying rise in “swerve to avoid” and “tyre blowout” related claims.
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  • 10.10.2016
While some manufacturers lobby for tyres to be replaced at 3 or even 4 mm, Michelin maintains that the current legal limit of 1.6 mm is “perfectly suited” to modern motoring and has reaffirmed its opposition to a change in the legislation.
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  • 03.10.2016
Upon its launch in European markets three years ago, Continental’s new tyre pressure monitoring system was only available as a retrofit option. The availability of ContiPressureCheck has now been extended to tyres shipped straight from the factory with sensors already installed. Continental is using the name ‘iTire’ to distinguish these products from standard tyres.
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  • 23.09.2016


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