VDO app TruckYa! revolutionizes the search for parking space in freight transport

VDO app TruckYa! revolutionizes the search for parking space in freight transport

One for all – all for one: with TruckYa! never again will truck drivers travel alone.


The new app from the Continental brand VDO makes the smartphone a strong partner in the truck driver’s everyday routine, and makes the user part of a virtual community – and the most important element of TruckYa! With every user transmitting parking space information to the community, the system will become increasingly better and more reliable – and will revolutionize the search for free parking space for trucks, along with navigation, communication and the display of rest periods.

Problem: lack of parking facilities

Will I manage to find a parking space in time to comply with the legal requirements? Will I have to spend the night again in an insecure and uncomfortable commercial zone to prevent me from exceeding my maximum daily time at the wheel? Thanks to TruckYa! concerns like this belong to the past. As one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, under the VDO brand Continental has developed the perfect answer to the lack of parking space at European highway rest areas. “More quality while driving and resting – that is what we strive for, and with TruckYa! we have now paved the way to achieving this goal,” says Dr. Michael Ruf, Head of the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit at Continental.

Minimal effort for maximum benefit

The free parking space app is the “admission ticket” to the community. The app indicates unoccupied parking spaces to the users in their vicinity, in real time. Once the truck is safely parked, this is immediately registered by the system, and the driver is asked about the current capacity of the parking area. “The effort required of the individual user is extremely small, but the benefit for the community is tremendous. In short, the answer to this brief question is the key to the functioning of the entire system,” Ruf explains. Each member makes an important personal contribution to the system’s up-to-dateness.

Breaking for rests according to preference

Instead of anticipating upcoming rest periods with an uneasy feeling, with the VDO app long-haul drivers can look forward to their leisure time – and be choosy about it. It is no longer only a question whether or not one will find a parking space, but which parking area optimally suits one’s personal requirements. This is because users can enter detailed ratings of the parking areas they visit in the system.

Doubly useful

The more data the user shares with TruckYa!, the more valuable the app becomes – in two respects. For one thing, the regular activities guarantee the currency of the information. For another, with every message and every rating the user can collect virtual points. With TruckYa! the smartphone becomes an indispensable helper to long-distance truckers in their everyday work. And developments in this area are far from complete, says Michael Ruf: “The future of intelligent transport systems has only just begun.”





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