Tire makers honored in Germany

Tire makers honored in Germany

Three tire makers were among the winners of this year's Tire Technology International Awards held on Feb. 15 in Hanover, part of Tire Technology Expo 2016.


Japan's SRI won its third tire technology of the year award with its advanced 4D nano design. The system uses cutting edge technology to perform highly realistic simulations of the internal structures and behaviors of rubber materials at the nano scale. The technology uses a combination of synchrotron radiation and neutron beams and advanced simulation technology.

Bridgestone won the tire manufacturing innovation of the year for its examination tire assembly system. The equipment, which has been installed at the company's Hikone plant in Japan, combines specially developed ICT with artificial intelligence to improve quality and enhance productivity in the factory.

Continental won the tire manufacturer of the year award for its technology projects and innovations and working consistently within the scope of its Vision 2025 growth strategy.



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