New remote diagnostic system uses Bluetooth and a smartphone

New remote diagnostic system uses Bluetooth and a smartphone

Frankfurt am Main. The international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer and industrial partner Continental will be giving a preview of its new remote diagnostic system for passenger vehicles at the IAA.

The system uses a Bluetooth dongle – an adapter that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostics terminal – and a suitable smartphone to transmit vehicle-specific data to a cloud server. The data are analyzed in the background, after which information and advice are sent back to the smartphone user. In this way the driver receives all the information needed for regular maintenance of the vehicle. “The remote diagnostic system is a significant extension of the diagnostic tools sold under our VDO brand,” explains Dr. Michael Ruf, head of Continental’s Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit. “With this new product we provide drivers with a reliable service that is perfectly tailored to their vehicles.”

The small, intelligent dongle gathers important data on the condition of a vehicle. The system transmits this information to the cloud from a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. Intelligent algorithms analyze the data and suggest services appropriate to the customer and vehicle. This includes advice on remedying defects, automatic display of maintenance intervals, and special offers from the customer’s preferred repair shop. The smartphone app can also provide helpful information beyond what it ascertains from vehicle data, such as advice on fuel-efficient driving. In addition, it can include a breakdown call function for transmitting information on a defective vehicle’s condition and position to a service station.





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