TRW launches new range of brake fluids

TRW launches new range of brake fluids

To complement its already extensive range of fluids and lubricants, leading automotive supplier TRW has launched a world first in brake fluid – Universal DOT 5.1 ESP – a fluid specially developed for vehicles fitted with electronic stability control (ESP) systems.


This new low viscosity fluid exceeds more international specifications than any other and provides the best flow properties for ESP systems, especially in cold conditions.

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and many are now fitted with ESP. ABS hydraulic units contain very small bores (often less than 0.1mm) that guide the brake fluid to the valves and pumps. Low viscosity brake fluid allows a faster increase and decrease of the pressure required for different braking demands.

ESP systems count time in milliseconds – the faster the system is modulating the pressure, the shorter the stopping distance. Using TRW Universal DOT 5.1 ESP brake fluid reduces the latent risk of longer stopping distance and a loss of vehicle control. The fluid keeps its viscosity even at extremely low temperatures, meaning it can react more quickly whatever the conditions.

DOT 5.1 has a wet boiling point (WBP) in excess of 180˚C, while keeping the viscosity at -40˚C (below the maximum specification of 750 centiStokes (cSt), required for ESP.

TRW recommends that brake fluid is changed every year for DOT 3 systems and every 2 years for DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 to maintain maximum braking performance and safety.



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