TRW Aftermarket enhances Tech Corner

TRW Aftermarket enhances Tech Corner

TRW Aftermarket has added a series of interactive videos, with step-by-step technical tutorials to its free, online technical resource, ‘Tech Corner’. Designed to walk installers through each stage of the repair process, repairers simply log in to watch the videos or download the PDF onto a computer or tablet.

Launched in 2014, Tech Corner provides day-to-day support to repairers by providing technical information on TRW products. All installers registered with Tech Corner have access to the entire library of fitting instructions, video tutorials, Health & Safety data sheets and service instructions for vehicle maintenance.

Kevin Price, UK marketing manager, TRW Aftermarket, explained: “This news further strengthens the businesses commitment to continually improving the range of web based services on offer to repairers.

“We take our responsibility as the leading supplier of Corner Module parts & systems (braking, steering & suspension) very seriously. We believe that it is the role of the parts manufacturers to share technical information, helping to protect the integrity, growth and survival of the global independent aftermarket.”

Interactive videos with step-by-step technical tutorials

Currently available:

  • How to replace the pads and discs on a floating caliper with guide bolts
  • How to replace the pads and discs on a Colette type brake caliper
  • How to replace the Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering (EPHS) pump and steering rack kit.

Each of these repairs is carried out on representative vehicles as a guide. This provides repairers with comprehensive instructions on the repair to be performed, with practical videos of all the stages from disassembly to cleaning and in-depth inspection of parts, finishing with refitting and final operations.

Kevin continued: “We constantly update Tech Corner, ensuring it is populated with the very latest technical information to assist repairers as they work with our parts, systems and technologies. As an example, three new service instructions for vehicle maintenance have recently been added to Tech Corner to help with shock absorbers, maintenance of the electric parking brake (EPB) and analysing disc corrosion.

Log in or register to Tech Corner for FREE access to TRW Aftermarket’s technical information:


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