Automotive expert TRW stages events to highlight component quality in safety critical situations

Automotive expert TRW stages events to highlight component quality in safety critical situations

TRW Automotive Aftermarket is to host a series of ‘Safety Days’ to communicate the importance of component quality in safety critical situations. The events will be held in the world class driving centre located at the famous Nurburgring, Germany and further support TRW’s commitment to promoting driver and pedestrian safety.

Following a tour of TRW’s manufacturing and testing facilities to experience the complete quality and material control that in-house manufacturing offers, the visitors will undertake practical safety training as real life conditions are simulated to highlight potentially dangerous driving situations. Exercises will include:  emergency braking with TRW Cotec brake pads; the danger of not maintaining a braking system; the effects of worn shock absorbers and the effects of a vehicle braking in an emergency situation while cornering.

“Safety is our main objective and communicating the importance of component quality is our main message,” explained TRW’s global marketing services manager, Soeren Kristensen.

“These events will allow major customers and members of the European trade press to experience the benefits of TRW’s world class technologies and original equipment (OE) quality components in action during safety critical situations.

“The events will also highlight the importance of professional parts installation by experienced, trained mechanics to ensure a vehicle is safe for both passengers and other road users.”
The ‘TRW Safety Events’ will coincide with the 2013 VLN racing Championship. At close range, the visitors will witness a four hour race at the Nurburgring, where there will be more than 190 vehicles of various size and specification on the grid at the same time. This will illustrate both the growth of the global vehicle parc and the variety and calibre of vehicles on the road at any one time. The visitors will also get the opportunity to experience the famous ‘Nordschleife’ or ‘Green Hell Legend’ racing track as the passenger of a veteran driving instructor; truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Soeren added: “With an ever growing global car parc, we need a greater focus on technologies and parts that can help provide a safer driving experience. As a manufacturer of OE quality parts and systems, we have a responsibility to create awareness of technological and component improvement and the role they play in safety crucial situations.

“By focusing on TRW’s Corner Module, together with our competence and experience as an OE Systems manufacturer, these events highlight the importance of fitting premium quality components.”





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