Car Care range relaunch for LIQUI MOLY

Car Care range relaunch for LIQUI MOLY

LIQUI MOLY has relaunched its car care range and is aiming to mirror its success in the lubricants sector where the brand is consistently voted number one by motorists.

LIQUI MOLY car care new rangeThe relaunch sees many of the products in the range reformulated, especially with the polishes, where the new formulations are easier to use and offer better resistant against weathering. The packaging of the car care range has also been completely redesigned, with new labels with a colour coding system. The system is divided into eight colours: Red for paint care, orange for cloths and sponges, yellow identifies plastic care items, green products are for the vehicle interior, blue stands for glass care, and violet for cleaning. Items for rims and chrome are given grey labels and rubber care black ones.

Peter Baumann, Marketing Manager of LIQUI MOLY says, "With the relaunch we are underlining our expertise in the area of car care. In this area, the company has made a name for itself and, as with lubricants and additives, has decades of experience. LIQUI MOLY is one of the very few full range brands. Be it motor oils and additives, brake cleaners and glass repair, handwash paste and oil stain removers or even car polish and rim cleaners. The company offers every product from one source and is therefore the brand for the technical and visual value retention of all things car.”


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