The best brand of oil in Germany is LIQUI MOLY

The best brand of oil in Germany is LIQUI MOLY

Readers of four major automobile magazines again choose LIQUI MOLY as best brand.


It's starting to become a habit: For the fourth and, in part, the fifth time the readers of Motor Klassik, Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild and Auto Motor und Sport have voted for LIQUI MOLY as the best brand of oil in Germany. "Honestly speaking, we really don't feel bad about being at the very top of the podium", said Ernst Prost, Managing Partner of the motor oil and additive specialist. "But even after five years in sequence, these accolades are not a matter of course for us."

With 6.4 million readers, these four magazines are supported by a gigantic public in car land Germany. This is the fifth time in sequence that Auto Zeitung and Auto Motor und Sport have awarded LIQUI MOLY top honors; for Motor Klassik and Auto Bild, the fourth time in series. "This wide vote over such a long period of time shows that it is possible for a small David to contend with international oil corporations", continued Ernst Prost. "The decisive factor is not how many millions the balance sheet shows, but rather whether car owners can depend on the products and services." LIQUI MOLY produces it entire line exclusively in Germany to guarantee maximum product quality. 

The validity of these reader polls is proven by the large circulation of the periodicals as well as the uniformity of the results. In all these magazines LIQUI MOLY takes the lead, followed by Castrol and Mobil in each case. And in the care product category LIQUI MOLY took second place as in previous years. 

"Maintaining the lead so long is the best proof of the trust car owners place in us", concluded Ernst Prost. "This trust is the basis for our path to a worldwide brand. Why shouldn't we be the best brand of oil here in this country, as well as in Germany?"


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