Gates Corporation Announces Release of 566 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Gates Corporation Announces Release of 566 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Gates Corp. has expanded its aftermarket coverage with the release of 566 part numbers across product lines.

Gates added four Stretch Fit, 13 Micro-V and two Dual-Sided belts to its new Century Series belt line. All Stretch Fit belts in the line now feature a new sleeve design with a custom link to specific installation instructions available online, according to the company.

The release includes the launch of Gates' new RPM (Racing, Performance, Muscle) serpentine belt line. The racing belts feature a new look and more durable construction to accommodate a wide variety of drive load. The line will launch with 83 SKUs.

Gates also introduced accessory belt drive kits for school buses as well as for the Ford E-450 Azure Hybrid Drive System.  Each of the 84 new FleetRunner Accessory Belt Drive Kits for the school bus market are designed for systems working in harsh environments with long idle times and high temperatures, according to the company.  Kits contain a FleetRunner Micro-V Belt and a Green Stripe DriveAlign HD Tensioner. The new Azure Solution Kit for the Ford E-450 Azure Hybrid Drive System contains the replacement belt, tensioner, and pulleys for the system.

Gates says its new Hybrid Polymer Whip and Water Hoses won’t kink or curl. The Hybrid Polymer Whip Hose reduces wear and tear and features a ¼-male ball swivel and ¼-inch female NPT fitting while the Hybrid Polymer Water Hose has heavy-duty nickel-plated fittings and spring guard.  Both hoses are available in a variety of lengths. 


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