SynGold from VatOil

SynGold from VatOil

SynGold FE 0W-20 is a modern and low-viscosity synthetic motor oil. Due to the fact that very low-viscosity motor oils contribute significantly towards a reduction in fuel consumption, the use of these oils is increasingly being required by the manufacturers for their very latest models. 

Specially selected base oils, combined with the latest additives, provide the product with the following properties: 

  • A very high level of fuel saving

  • A high and stable viscosity index

  • Effective resistance to shearing

  • A very smooth cold start at extremely low outdoor temperatures

  • A protective lubricant film at operating temperatures

  • Excellent dispersion and detergency

  • Very high resistance to wear, corrosion and foaming 


SynGold FE 0W-20 is an extremely low–viscosity, fuel-saving motor oil, suitable for modern petrol and diesel engines in cars and vans. Its special composition means that this product is also ideally suited for use at very low outdoor temperatures, such as those that may occur under Arctic conditions. 

Product specifications

ACEA A1/B1-12



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