Mack CK-4 engine oil vs drain intervals

Mack CK-4 engine oil vs drain intervals

Mack Trucks announced that its newly formulated genuine Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 will extend engine oil drain intervals for customers.


The oil is API CK-4 compliant and is also backward-compatible with all API CJ-4 applications. Mack EOS-4.5 can extend drain intervals by up to 15,000 miles compared with previous formulations, reducing regular customer maintenance costs, accorfing to the OEM.

The oil is factory-fill in Mack 2017 engines, but Mack says that EOS-4.5 also extends drain intervals for all 2011 and newer Mack engines.

“There is a misconception that Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 is simply a rebranded version of the other engine oils on the shelf, and nothing could be further from the truth,” said Scott Barraclough, Mack technology product manager. “Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 is a proprietary formula that is tested and approved with Mack equipment, which allows us to extend drain intervals.”

With Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5, drain intervals have been extended to 60,000, 50,000, and 40,000 miles for long-haul, regional-haul, and heavy-haul applications, respectively. During the life of a Mack truck, these extensions allow customers to skip between four and 16 oil drains, according to Mack.

Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 is available in 10W30 and 15W40 weights and meets Mack’s stringent EOS-4.5 engine oil standard, which offers protection above and beyond the new API CK-4 specification by requiring enhanced performance for oil oxidation and oil aeration control. It is also formulated with a lower viscosity, helping improve fuel efficiency, said Mack, even under high loads and high ambient temperatures.

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