Practical conference "Customers for the workshop 24/7 - a real marketing for car service"

Practical conference "Customers for the workshop 24/7 - a real marketing for car service"

Modern tools of marketing and Internet technology development enable the head of auto repair business attract customers from different sources at the same time putting an average of 20 - 40 thousand rubles per month in advertising.

But most of the companies spending for the year even more than 500 thousand rubles, and do not feel a real increase in the customer base and rush of the customer’s visits.

What they are missing? Why business is not growing, but it seems that  stays put? Is it possible to save from 25% to 100% of the costs for promotion and get new customers every day all the time?

23 August at the exhibition MIMS 2016 in Moscow, you will have a real opportunity to learn methods used by the leading marketers of international agencies to reach the best results from advertising their clients.

Simple and practical examples and case studies, figures of budgets, hidden functions of Internet advertising, which will fundamentally change your approach to the promotion of business.

We will tell you and show you how to turn scattered efforts in system of real development, and your company does not miss out on the most important elements of success. How to decrease the complexity and errors, and where in fact, should pay their attention the head of garages.

It seems incredible, but it is now possible to fully automate promotional activity, not even have in staff managers on advertising.

Moreover, enough to make  experiments  and try, to puzzle over to find a solution, hoping to bring the disparate actions of permanent and sustainable growth.

Our leading experts and speakers are: Maria Kotvitskaya (Director, International Marketing Agency AGV - Aftermarket Global Vision), Klyukin Paul (PhD, director of development at an engineering research and educational center SMART). Also are invited as market experts, representatives of world-renowned brands of auto parts.

All these professionals for the first time gather in one place in order to show - a real marketing for service there! And it is much more affordable and easier than you can imagine

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Time and place: Moscow, August 23, at 11:00, open AGORA conferences platform, in Hall number 8, Hall 2, stand number E275, "Expocentre".


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