Tiredness does not deter most drivers

Tiredness does not deter most drivers

38% of drivers have admitted falling asleep at the wheel and over half of motorists fail to take enough breaks on long journeys. These are the findings of a new survey by vehicle leasing company OSV.

Safety guidelines say that drivers should take a 15 minute break if driving for more than 2 hours, but 53% of drivers say they ignore this recommendation. 20% of drivers also said they would have no reservations about getting behind the wheel even if they considered themselves “over tired.”

Other findings of the survey include the fact that 81% of drivers said being tired would not convince them to stop driving. Most said they would roll down the windows in order to prevent tiredness, something that has been shown to be totally ineffective. Others resort to drinking coffee and turning up the radio. 

Debbie Kirkley of OSV said, “Tired drivers are a huge danger to not only themselves but other drivers and passengers on the roads. Drivers should never drive whilst overtired and should always plan their journeys carefully to include regular rest breaks, a minimum of 15 minutes every two hours.”


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