UK garages favour multi stocking oil approach

UK garages favour multi stocking oil approach

A garage survey by a major UK motor factor chain has found that oil remains part of the life blood of the independent garage business and most garages are recognising the need for vehicle specific oils by stocking 3 to 5 oil specs.

The GSF Car Parts survey found that 43% of respondents reported completing 10 to 20 oil changes per week, with 27% completing more than 20. In terms of products kept in to meet this demand, 53% said they stock 3 to 5 different oil formulations. 27% hold more than 5 types, with 4% even saying they stock more than 10. Just 13% said they keep two or less.

55% said their stocking policy gave them coverage of 75% or above on the cars they work on. This still left 45% needing to order in oil for more than 1 in 4 of the cars coming through the workshop.

5W/30, sold in many different formulations, was by far the most popular grade used by garages with nearly 90% listed it as the ‘one grade they use the most’. With regard to long life oils, although the respondents were fairly evenly split, shorter oil change intervals, avoiding long life oil, was still the favoured option for most garages. 

Over 60% of garages said they held more than £500 oil stock. In terms of oil storage, only 18% said they kept oil in bulk tanks of 500 litres or more. 39% said they keep 5 litre containers, with 36% keeping 20 – 50 litre containers. The biggest percentage, 55%, said they keep oils in larger barrels.


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