EMS: Fuel Pumps put quality centre stage

EMS: Fuel Pumps put quality centre stage

DENSO After Market has added two new Fuel Pumps to its range, covering the Toyota Prius and Toyota Land Cruiser.


The addition brings the total number of part numbers in the range to nine, covering more than 230 applications.

The Fuel Pump range, featuring brand new, rather than remanufactured, parts, is being extremely well received by customers, and the company intends to grow its OE quality range of products further throughout the year.

Carrying fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, the fuel pump plays a vital role in keeping every engine moving. Fuel pump failure is a frustrating problem for the motorist – making product quality the most important factor. DENSO After Market customers can be assured that its Fuel Pumps are made to exacting OE quality, with advanced design. Its Fuel Pumps feature turbine pump technology with a V-shaped internal impeller that delivers fuel with minimal pressure pulsation and a much quieter operation. DENSO’s proprietary turbine pump technology also offers the highest sustained fuel pressures in the industry. As a result they are chosen as original equipment by the world’s most demanding car makers – especially for their premium vehicles.

The Fuel Pumps range forms part of DENSO After Market’s Engine Management Systems programme. There are currently two types available: type C in-tank and type H38 in-tank. These draw less current than older style fuel pumps, while still accurately measuring pressure for a more superior performance.Fanis Kapetanakis, DENSO Europe Product Manager, said: “We’re incredibly excited by the latest developments in our Fuel Pump programme, which features brand new part numbers and offers exceptional performance.”


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