DENSO launches new manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor range

DENSO launches new manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor range

DENSO has launched a brand new range of Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensors with 11 Part Numbers available to order since January.


The all-new aftermarket range of MAP sensors provides more precise control over the air-fuel ratio, which will help deliver improved fuel economy and emissions for motorists.

With11 Part Numbers added to DENSO’s EMS programme, the additions cover applications for several major vehicle manufacturers including Honda, Subaru and Toyota, covering 119 applications and a total car parc of six million vehicles.

The new part numbers are designed to OE-quality specifications, featuring a number of technologies to benefit workshops and end-users.


Using a two-layer surface structure made of gel and rubber; the Sensors can absorb greater impacts, and ensure the Sensors can be used reliably in harsh and extreme environments.

The Sensors use a simplified structure with a bare chip mounting method. Sensors and circuit chips are directly mounted on the resin case to reduce the number of components as much as possible. On-chip noise prevention technology also means that the Sensor requires no additional noise prevention components.

Fanis Kapetanakis, Product Manager EMS at DENSO Aftermarket EU, commented: “The brand new Sensors will help to make DENSO’s EMS range one of the most comprehensive on the aftermarket.

“With fuel economy and emissions one of the most important factors for end-users, our MAP Sensor range will provide workshops and distributors with entirely new sales and upselling opportunities.”



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