Continental launches new Hybrid tire range

Continental launches new Hybrid tire range

Continental has launched a new tire family for road freight transport.


The Conti Hybrid is for combined use on both regional roads and highways and can be used for heavy-duty distribution and fleet use.

The first version of the new range in 22.5 inch format to be launched is the Conti Hybrid HS3, a steering axle tread for universal use. It has a thick new tread design with a high wear volume.

In addition, its load-carrying capacity has been adapted for the heavier weight of Euro 6 trucks. The integrated visual alignment indicator makes wheel alignment errors easy to spot from the tread pattern.

As with all Continental truck tires, the new Conti Hybrid HS3 also features the patented AirKeep liner to prevent gradual loss of air pressure.

The newly developed steering axle tires Conti Hybrid HS3 will be available in no fewer than eight different dimensions for heavy-duty applications in 22.5 inch format by the end of the year.


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