Brembo Introduces Light Brake Disc Concept

Brembo Introduces Light Brake Disc Concept

Brembo this week unveiled a new light brake disc concept, which the company says will create a 10 to 15 percent lighter brake disc, excellent results in terms of reducing fuel consumption and lowering the impact on the environment, the brake systems supplier noted.


The new lightweight brake disc was conceived by Daimler AG in partnership with Brembo. The disc combines two different materials: cast iron and steel, offering significant reduction in weight and allowing the vehicle to significantly reduce fuel consumption and consequently, have a lower environmental impact.

Brembo says one of the main contributing factors in the development of this new product was the design of the housing's gearing which was obtained by using precision sprocket technology found in the mechanisms in famous Swiss watches. This particular housing form also enabled the company to successfully pass the severe mechanical resistance tests on the torque bench that Daimler required.

This new lightweight brake disc will be the first Brembo product to be made across the globe. It will be produced simultaneously at the company's European, Chinese and American plants. This global production is made possible by the characteristics of the steel required to make the housing, as these characteristics are the same everywhere.

The innovation is aimed for use on a future Mercedes-Benz model range, Brembo said.





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