MEYLE brake discs tested and certified to ECE R90 standards

MEYLE brake discs tested and certified to ECE R90 standards

As of November 2016, replacement brake discs on newly registered vehicles must demonstrate compliance with the ECE R90 quality standard.

Exceeding legal requirements, 90 per cent of all MEYLE brake discs currently sold already comply with the standard even today. This also encompasses brake discs fitted on older vehicles models – a requirement not included in the scope of the directive. This allows repair professionals to offer their customers brake repair services using parts complying with state-of-the-art safety requirements, thereby guaranteeing the highest levels of driving safety.

Up until recently, the scope of the ECE R90 directive only covered replacement brake pads. As of 1 November 2016, the regulations also apply to brake discs in vehicles built from November 2016 onwards. As a leading designer and manufacturer of automotive spare parts, MEYLE takes its responsibility seriously. 90 per cent of all MEYLE brake discs sold already meet ECE R90 quality standards – although certification is not required for brake discs used on older vehicle models.

MEYLE‑PD brake discs and pads

The E approval mark guarantees that replacement brake parts match the performance features of original-equipment products. Choosing MEYLE-certified brake components allows workshops to communicate MEYLE's commitment to designing performance parts to their customers. Comprehensive testing is carried out by independent experts to determine the components' functional reliability and safety. To pass the test, the parts are required to withstand a large number of braking actions under extreme conditions without showing any signs of damage. Authorised experts evaluate part performance based on criteria set out in the ECE R90 directive.

Certified MEYLE brake discs do not only meet the most stringent modern safety standards, but cutting-edge coating technologies offer additional long-term anti-corrosion protection for brake discs from the MEYLE‑PD product line which also features high-carbon MEYLE‑PD brake discs. Thanks to its higher carbon content, these brake discs offer improved torsional and thermal resistance over conventional brake discs and thereby further reduce the risk of noise and vibration generation. All brake discs marketed under the MEYLE‑PD product line offer advanced anti-corrosion resistance and extended service life to help workshops build long-term relations with satisfied customers. At the same time, they make two procedures in brake repair redundant: over 85 per cent of the products are shipped with the locating screw included and the discs come "ready-to-fit" not requiring any degreasing. Repair professionals benefit from significant time savings.


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