With new products at the world’s “most automobile” show

With new products at the world’s “most automobile” show

The 65th International Motor Show (IAA Cars) will be held from September 12 to 22, 2013, in Frankfurt. First-tier auto industry supplier KSPG AG is exhibiting on stand F04 in hall 8 besides numerous products for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, a very low-vibration, low-noise range extender for electric vehicles. The extender will be installed in a demonstration vehicle on view.

The electric car with the range extender is an eye-catcher on the over 400-m² two-storey fair stand. Experts and legislators view range extenders as paving the way for  more general acceptance of electric vehicles. The extender’s advantage, on the one hand, is a reduction in battery size and costs as well as weight. On the other, it is possible for the vehicle to travel the accustomed distance without having to make lengthy recharging stops en route. Drivers no longer have to fear running out of power, a factor that should not be underestimated when introducing electric mobility.

Another highlight is the UniValve, a purely mechanical valve-actuating device that operates very reliably and with very little friction. Hence, it offers vast potential for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on present and future engine generations. It also improves engine response, especially on gasoline units.

Pierburg GmbH, within KSPG AG the specialist for emission- and consumption-reduction engine components, is showing a new generation of divert-air valves as well as exhaust and throttle flaps with new functions.

KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH is showing low-friction, low-weight high-duty pistons. Besides the state-of-the-art steel pistons for car engines, this manufacturer has developed a new diesel piston alloy that has a very fine, high-strength microstructure.

Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH (PPT) is showcasing partly variable, fully variable and electric oil, vacuum and coolant pumps that flexibly adapt to engine operating loads for reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

KS Gleitlager GmbH is presenting new materials for engine bearings and non-lubricated drivetrain bearings. KS Aluminium-Technologie GmbH is focusing on  lightweight and high-duty engine blocks in some cases featuring the newest PTWA coating technology.

The International Motor Show goes back over a century. In 1897, eight motorized carriages were presented to the public at the Bristol hotel in Berlin. This was the birth of an exhibition that was held again and again. To address public demand, since 1991 the event has been subdivided into Cars and Commercial Vehicles. On the years with odd numbers, there is the IAA Cars in Frankfurt, on those with even numbers, the IAA Commercial Vehicles held in Hannover.





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