The range of Schaeffler products on display encompasses products for the optimization of drive trains based on internal combustion engines and hybrid solutions through to products for all-electric mobility, under the title Efficient Future Mobility. “Schaeffler’s broad range of products for drive train and chassis applications, which is regularly supplemented through the addition of innovative solutions, makes it one of the most important partners for the global automobile industry”, said Dr. Juergen M. Geissinger, CEO of Schaeffler AG.

In keeping with the still-dominant role played by drive trains based on internal combustion engines with regard to individual mobility in the future, innovations for key components in engine, transmission, and chassis applications will be on display. "Meticulously detailed work and new solutions for drive trains based on internal combustion engines still offer significant potential for reducing fuel consumption and emissions" explains Prof. Peter Gutzmer, CTO at Schaeffler. The technologies for drive trains with internal combustion engines on display in Frankfurt include electromechanical and electrohydraulic phasing systems for the valvetrain, double clutch systems, electronic clutch management systems, and many others. Schaeffler’s Efficient Future Mobility North America andEfficient Future Mobility India concept vehicles, for example, impressively demonstrate the effective interaction of these technologies and the potential for the optimization of drive trains with internal combustion engines that is still available.

The increasing electrification of the drive train will continue to make an important contribution with regard to the energy efficiency of automobiles with internal combustion engines in the future. Accordingly, Schaeffler’s product portfolio also offers a wide range of innovations in this field. This encompasses various solutions for comfortable high-performance engine start-stop functions, hybrid clutches, hybrid modules, and drive solutions for hybrid vehicles.

Many of Schaeffler's ideas for hybrid vehicles with a high-performance low-voltage power system are bundled together in Schaeffler's 48-Volt-System exhibit. The central element is a 48-volt drive module. “Using a 48-volt solution makes it possible to achieve outputs of up to 12 kilowatts”, summarizes Prof. Peter Gutzmer. “This entry-level hybridization thus already offers the essential advantages of a hybrid vehicle and, at the same time, is an economically attractive, low-cost option that allows CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 15 percent.” Automobile manufacturers who decide to install a second low-voltage on-board electric system (48 V in addition to the standard 12 V system) can also integrate other suitable high-performance innovations into the vehicle. These include high-performance, rapid-reaction actuators that allow the roll stiffness or ground clearance to be regulated, which has a positive effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics and thus on its fuel consumption.

Schaeffler’s Fiesta E-Wheel Drive – a test vehicle for Schaeffler’s E-Wheel Drive wheel hub drive – is representative of the company's innovations in the field of future electric mobility. It was conceived as an ideal drive solution for future electric city vehicles and is in the advance development stage at Schaeffler.

By highlighting the Efficient Future Mobility North America and Efficient Future Mobility Indiademonstration vehicles, which in this case are customized to suit the requirements of the North American and Indian vehicle markets, Schaeffler is documenting its customer proximity and expertise in the various regions of the world. Requirements with regard to CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are increasing all the time, and Schaeffler’s innovations support the global automotive industry in fulfilling them. “With its close-knit global network of 40 development locations and 80 production sites, Schaeffler is an innovative and reliable partner for the automotive industry worldwide”, explains Schaeffler CEO Dr. Juergen M. Geissinger, “and that includes both global solutions and solutions that are customized in the region for the region – without compromising quality.”

Visitors taking the tour of Schaeffler’s trade show booth in Hall 5.1, Booth A04 will therefore quickly understand why Schaeffler is one of the most in-demand suppliers of expertise to the automotive industry worldwide when it comes to solutions for efficient mobility today and in the future.





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