Supertracker introduces 3D efficiency to wheel alignment range

Supertracker introduces 3D efficiency to wheel alignment range

Supertracker will introduce its first 3D wheel aligner in October. The company is marking its 30th year of successful trading with this new landmark.

Managing director Trevor Lovesy says: “Over the past couple of years we have experimented with the new concept of 3D alignment and concluded that the crucifix style systems have a definite limitation in terms of space, flexibility and accuracy. However we have now introduced the STR600 3D wheel aligner that completely eliminates these problems as we have moved the camera location to the lift which eliminates the need to move a vehicle backward and forward to obtain readings.”

Supertracker introduces 3D efficiency to wheel alignment rangeThe STR600 incorporates all the standard Supertracker features. With the use of 3D targets the aligner does not need the run-out function required on other 3D systems, saving time and effort in gathering initial readings. A further valuable new feature is that the 12 to 24 inch wheel clamps have no metal-to-metal contact with the wheels, preventing rim damage. The company adds that the 3D targets are electronic free and do not require maintenance.

The STR600 also provides two measuring heads, which communicate automatically to compensate for any inaccuracy and include a touch pad to ensure the aligner can be operated away from the main console. LED displays alert the technician to the direction of when required adjustments, while the location brackets on the lift accommodate both short and long wheel base vehicles. The display also shows battery status information.

The console incorporates Windows computer technology, complete with mouse, keyboard and colour printer which presents a graphic display of the wheel positions and ‘before and after’ readings for customers. A 22 inch colour monitor comes as standard and the computer also includes a 90,000 vehicle database facility with vehicle search by make, model or VIN number. New vehicles can be added to the database plus there is the ability to store 20,000 customer records. The STR600 offers four database updates a year and supports a 3D animated adjustment help screen.

Finally with the camera attached to the lift it can be positioned anywhere – four post, scissor, pit or even on the floor. Lovesy adds: “The launch of the STR600 represents an exciting new chapter and step forward for Supertracker into 3D alignment and takes the concept to a new level of efficiency.”


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