Laser introduce new glow plug threaded insert kits

Laser introduce new glow plug threaded insert kits

Laser Tools has introduced new kits that provide an easy means of inserting a new threaded insert for glow plugs into the cylinder head. The new kits have been designed to offer the best possible access to recessed glow plug apertures.

Laser Tools Master Glow Plug Threaded Insert Kit 6781Glow plug threads are easily damaged, especially on alloy cylinder heads. This can be due to corrosion, over-tightening or even drill damage when the head has broken off a seized glow plug.

These Laser kits allow a new threaded insert to be easily and securely fitted. The kits cover all common glow plug sizes: part number 6777 suits glow plugs with M8 x 1mm threads; 6778 suits M9 x 1mm threads; 6779 is for M10 x 1mm threads (12mm and 19mm length inserts included); 6780 is for M10 x 1.25mm threads and 6781 is the master kit that includes all four kits.

The kits include a specially designed insert fitting tool that is much narrower than others available and offers much improved access to recessed glow plugs. The centre bolt of the tool is manufactured from high tensile steel for a long service life. Each kit includes five threaded inserts (ten in 6779) and a reamer to ensure the correct diameter aperture for cutting the thread for the insert. Two taps are also included; one for cutting the insert thread and one for checking the new thread is clean and accurate.

These kits are now available from Laser Tools stockists.

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