Oil replacement offers profit opportunity for garages – says Mannol.

Oil replacement offers profit opportunity for garages – says Mannol.

As the lifeblood of a car’s engine, motor oil is used to lubricate all the internal moving parts and help cool the engine. Changing oil is an extremely important part of keeping your customer’s engine in good health, but there are other elements often overlooked. Mannol UK, the fast-growing lubricants and spare parts supplier, advises garages and technicians on how to seize profit opportunities associated with oil replacement.

Oil replacement offers profit opportunity for garages – says Mannol.Depending on the vehicle and the type of oil in it, it used to be that cars had to change oil every 3,000 miles; however, nowadays it can be up to 30,000 miles. Inevitably, this decrease in demand is having an impact on garage businesses, and as a result, garages are now having to find new ways to generate additional turnover and adjust their business model accordingly.

Although the notion of switching from a mere repair shop to a modern service provider may seem quite daunting, with a little insight, the transition can easily be adapted and brought to life to help garages seize on a cross-selling opportunity that is so often missed or overlooked. Not only by offering other services can independent workshops improve profitability, but it can also highlight the importance of providing advice to motorists. This in turn can strengthen relationships with customers and increase the likelihood of referrals.
Here’s a simple case in point that can be applied when your next customer asks for an oil change. For older or high mileage engines, it is worth recommending to the customer that they have the engine’s interior cleaned with a quality additive to remove any accumulated sludge or deposits beforehand.

Make sure you explain why

Let the customer know why this is necessary to be carried out; that after this the combustion will work properly again, it will enable the new engine oil to deliver its maximum performance in a clean environment, less fuel consumption will be used and the chances of the engine experiencing a breakdown will be significantly decreased.

Offer to include an additive into the new engine oil

The addition of a particular additive – such as Mannol’s Motor Flush – will clean the oil system and adequately ensure lubrication of the engine separate parts during the cleaning process. This will in turn reduce wear. Any mechanic worth their salt will know this of course – but it’s good to explain to your customers so they understand it warrants the need for it.

Having a spare litre of oil offers customers peace of mind

Ask them to consider an extra bottle of one litre motor oil to be kept in the car, reminding them that every car needs a special kind of lubricant. It’s worth stressing that there’s nothing worse than being caught unawares; not just if they can’t get to a garage easily enough when the oil-level warning lamp is flashing, but because getting the right motor oil on the spot is not always possible and even if it is, it can be costly. This affords motorists peace of mind knowing they have the right refill oil with them. And should it not be needed, it can be used for the next oil change.

Adding value, for your customers and your business

It may sound obvious, but this means you’re not only selling an oil change but also an engine cleaning service, an additive treatment and an extra litre of engine oil, simply by investing more knowledge. However, it’s more than that; your customer will feel that your garage goes beyond offering a standard level of service and feels valued. As for their vehicle, it runs smoother and may even consume less fuel. Surely a win-win, all round?


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