New MEYLE-HD control arm kit to facilitate Audi repair

New MEYLE-HD control arm kit to facilitate Audi repair

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG has launched a new MEYLE-HD control arm kit catering for a wide range of Audi models.

Designed to help workshops streamline repair processes the full-service kits offer an attractive added extra: Re-engineered by the company's in-house experts, most HD kit components are specially designed to meet heavy-duty operating conditions making them technically superior to their OE equivalents. This is why the new MEYLE-HD control arm kit comes with an extended four-year warranty, as do all items of the MEYLE-HD range. In the latest video tutorial on the company's YouTube "MEYLE TV" channel the “MEYLE Mechanics” demonstrate the nature of these refinements using practical examples.

Containing ball joints, control arms and stabiliser links the new MEYLE-HD control arm kit supplies car mechanics with all parts required for swift repairs from a single source. Eight of all twelve components included in the kit are genuine MEYLE-HD parts manufactured with higher-grade materials, redesigned rubber-to-metal bonds or larger ball head diameters, making them last considerably longer than their OE counterparts. In their latest YouTube video the “MEYLE Mechanics” demonstrate the MEYLE-HD principle using three different items. Cross-section models and animations visualise the parts' inner structure.

In a quiz at the end of the video open until 20.05.2016 viewers can test their knowledge of the MEYLE-HD guarantee policy. Simply watch the video and select the correct answer when prompted. The prize is a MEYLE joint play tester (video on joint play tester). This must-have tool allows repair professionals to test control arm mounts, ball joints, tie rod ends or suspension strut bearings quickly and easily and localise worn components reliably.

The new MEYLE-HD control arm kit is available as of now under MEYLE part number 116 050 0188/HD.

To watch the new “MEYLE Mechanics” video follow this link:


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