Weird and not so wonderful DPF Cleaning fails

Weird and not so wonderful DPF Cleaning fails

Some of the more usual ways that garages and vehicle owners have tried to clean DPFs has been highlighted by a DPF cleaning specialist.

Petrol, oven cleaner and paint thinner are some of the most bizarre ways that are being used to attempt to resolve blocked diesel particulate filters (DPF) problems. This is according to statistics gathered by the UK based DPF Clean Team helpline last year. Other peculiar, and failed, attempts at unblocking DPFs from customers included jet washing the filter and even setting fire to it. All of these, not surprisingly, only caused further damage to the expensive components.

Cameron Bryce, Director at DPF Clean Team commented, "Once a DPF warning light appears on your dashboard, pouring in substances such as drain or oven cleaner can remove the interior coating of the filter, stopping future regenerations from working effectively. The result in many of these cases is that the customer has to have a complete DPF replacement, which is far more expensive that a professional clean." He adds, "Professional DPF cleaning is a quicker, more accurate, and cost effective solution to unblocking a DPF, catalytic converter or silencer than investing in a new DPF, or risking damage by pouring various substances down it. The process removes all traces of particulate, returning the component back to near new condition.”

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