Total Lubricants achieves complex Volvo approval

Total Lubricants achieves complex Volvo approval

Total Lubricants has obtained full approval from Volvo on a new lubricant, Total Quartz, 9000 V-Drive 0W/20.

This new product has been developed by Total and is among the first such products on the market to be approved for the new complex specification Volvo VCC-RBS0-2AE for SAE 0W/20 grade.

This specification defines the performance requirements of and physical and chemical properties of engine oils to be used in the new range of Volvo Drive-E engines (VEA). This range is composed of diesel (VED) and petrol (VEP) 2.0, 4 cylinder engines and is spread, nowadays on all the models of the brand.

As well as been approved for this very stringent specification from Volvo, Total Quartz 900 V-Drive 0W/20 also reduces friction and offers excellent protection against wear, rust and deposits. It also has enhanced fuel economy properties, which will help users reduce their fuel bills. This new approval testifies further that the Total Lubricants brand is amongst the most reliable on the market as its products are able to satisfy even the most stringent requirements of luxury car brands and their engines.



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