Reliable Drive for Modern Engines

Reliable Drive for Modern Engines

Elastic multi V-belts enable the non-positive power transmission of torque in belt drives without a tensioning pulley.

This is because the elastic tension member enables them to maintain their tension throughout their lifetime. They drive, for example, the alternator, fan, water pump, air-conditioning compressor and power steering in modern engines. Thanks to its expertise as a specialist for belts and belt drive components, the ContiTech Power Transmission Group offers an elastic multi V-belt which meets the demanding requirements of modern engines.

ContiTech’s Multi-V Belt is made up of three main components: cover coat, tension member and rib coating.ContiTech’s Multi-V Belt is made up of three main components: cover coat, tension member and rib coating. The cover coat with its textured reverse consists of synthetic rubber which is especially wear-resistant. The key component of ContiTech’s elastic multi V-belt is the tension member. Unlike normal multi V-belts, it is made of elastic polyamide fibers and guarantees that the belt runs neutrally. In addition, the belt has a special coating on the ribs which guarantees good noise properties and an ideal grip even if the drive is slightly misaligned.

Maintenance and replacement: ContiTech supports workshops

Multi V-belts are directly subject to constant movements and various ambient influences such as dust, dirt and large temperature differentials in the engine compartment This results in aging and wear. ContiTech therefore recommends changing the belt at the latest after it has run for 120,000 kilometers. It is important to note, as Product Manager Adrian Rothschild says, that “elastic and classic multi V-belts are not interchangeable. It is essential during service and repair work on a vehicle with a factory-fitted elastic belt to ensure that this component is replaced with another elastic belt. Normal multi V-belts do not work in these vehicles because of their different construction.”

However, there are hardly any visual distinguishing features between elastic belts and normal multi V-belts. ContiTech’s Multi-V Belt can be distinguished by the word “Elast” on the reverse of the product. Special tools are required to ensure damage-free fitting. “ContiTech offers special tools and practical belt sets for the customer with disposable tools,” declares Rothschild.



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