TRICO extends Exact Fit Rear Screen Blade Programme

TRICO extends Exact Fit Rear Screen Blade Programme

Windscreen wiper blade developer and supplier TRICO, has announced the expansion of its Exact Fit rear screen blade programme, with several new part numbers added to ensure the range continues to offer first class coverage.

TRICO’s rear blade programme now contains 39 blades in conventional, beam and plastic styles. Supported by a dedicated rear blade only catalogue and supplied as part of the Trico Exact Fit programme with a dedicated yellow flash on the packaging, the rear screen blades are easy to identify.

The blades provide excellent rear screen visibility and are designed to fit unique rear integral and beam wiper arms in lengths from 10" to 16" TRICO product and brand manager Sam Robinson said, “The range of specialty blades is specifically designed for Exact Fit rear screen applications. These blade types cannot be serviced with a standard conventional wiper blade and instead have various connection styles and blade types (plastic, beam, or metal).

Sam points out that rear blade sales now account for 10% of all wiper blade sales meaning workshops and garages need to offer a comprehensive programme to cover the market. He also says that this is a growing sector and an important additional revenue opportunity. 

TRICO Exact Fit Rear Screen Blades are available from stockist nationwide.


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