The Organika coolant alternative

The Organika coolant alternative

Advanced technology engines in modern vehicles means that when it comes to anti-freeze and coolant, the old commodity approach of one-product fits all, definitely does not meet customer needs anymore. Increasingly, vehicles need coolants specific to their engine needs and Organika, one of Europe’s largest automotive chemical companies, is rising to this challenge. 

Organika produces an advanced range of coolants and antifreezes to suit all applications. These are distributed in Ireland by CC Lubricants and are available from selected motor factors, including JL Bradshaw outlets.
Organika has been formulating and manufacturing advanced cooling fluids for over 25 years and operates to stringent ISO quality standards. The range includes multi-seasonal long life coolant for vehicles that effectively protect the cooling system against freezing, overheating and corrosion. Free from silicates, nitrites, phosphates, amines and borates, the long lasting coolant also meets many manufacturer standards, including VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. The range also includes Glixol G12 Longlife concentrate, that meets many manufacturer specifications and can provide excellent value and over an extended service life.
Organika coolants are available in a full range of pack sizes including 1ltr bottles, 5ltr cans, 20 ltr drums and 200 ltr barrels.

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