Prestone commands share of heavy duty market

Prestone commands share of heavy duty market

Prestone, the number one Coolant/Antifreeze brand in the US, has expanded its portfolio to fulfil market requirements, launching a patented Heavy Duty Coolant range, “Prestone Command”. The Prestone Command Heavy Duty Coolant, designed for any engine, in any industry, was created specifically to help fleet managers and vehicle owners keep vehicles on the road, reduce downtime and minimise costly repairs.

Routine maintenance and unplanned repairs can be expensive and time consuming and cooling system maintenance accounts for up to 40 per cent of all heavy duty vehicle downtime. Prestone Command extended service life technology will help reduce unscheduled maintenance, therefore saving money and time off the road.

As part of Prestone’s commitment to ensuring its products perform as promised, Prestone Command Heavy Duty Coolant is compatible with all OAT (Organic Acid (Additive) Technology) Extended Life Heavy Duty coolant/antifreeze and has endured rigorous testing in the lab and on the road offering extended service life of up to 600,000 miles on the road and 12,000 hours off road*. The Prestone Command also saves downtime/maintenance as it requires no supplementary coolant additives or extenders.
The patented US formula meets or exceeds all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements and meets global heavy duty requirements.
Prestone’s Technical Director, Bruce Ellis, commented: “Our world renowned Prestone scientists have worked closely with engine manufacturers to develop and rigorously test our unique, patented Heavy Duty coolant range, ahead of introducing the product to the UK market.”

“We are proud to announce that our new Prestone Command Heavy Duty Coolant with extended service life protects all heavy duty engines. It can also be used in any industry, protecting engines in marine, mining and construction, agricultural and road transport applications.”

“Unlike inferior coolants, Prestone Command HD Coolant works to protect every component in the cooling system and the silicate free formula will prevent silicate gel blockages in the radiator. The formula protects water pumps against premature failure and scale formation. Other coolants are unable to  protect the wet liner against pitting, resulting in liner perforation which eventually destroys the engine. Prestone Command Heavy Duty Coolant protects against liner pitting, ensuring engines perform at their best in all extremes, from -37°C to +129°C, for more efficient fuel economy and emissions control.”

The Prestone Heavy Duty Coolant is available nationally in wholesalers and independent specialists in the following sizes: 4L, 20L, 60L, 205L, 50/50 Ready to Use 4L, 1000L IBC.


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