New tool from Gates determines belt wear

New tool from Gates determines belt wear

Gates Corp. has introduced a Belt Wear Gauge tool for serpentine belt inspection. The small, lightweight tool provides a simple and reliable way to determine belt wear by gauging material loss between belt grooves and providing instant pass/fail results.


Designed with input from professional technicians, the tool makes it easy for professional technicians to diagnose the proper preventive maintenance for customers, according to Gates.  It can be used on any open, straight surface on the belt and can also be used one-handed, on or off the vehicle, and in places that are hard to see.

Technicians press the tool into the belt grooves with light pressure and then attempt to rock the gauge in a lateral motion. If the gauge remains tightly seated, the belt has sufficient service life remaining and does not need to be replaced.  If the gauge allows lateral rocking movement, it indicates that the belt ribs are worn enough to allow belt slip and that the belt should be replaced.

 “We recognize that today’s serpentine belts don’t always show signs of visual wear, making it difficult to determine if a belt should be replaced.  This tool makes it easy for professional technicians to identify a worn belt so that they can service their customers’ vehicles with confidence,” says Scott Howat, director of marketing and product management for the North American Aftermarket.


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