New Webasto convertible roof

New Webasto convertible roof

Webasto-Edscha, Webasto’s convertible business unit supplies the roof for the new BMW 2 Series convertible. The four-seater has been available at BMW dealers since March 2015 and replaces the BMW 1 Series convertible.

The top comes standard in black with an anthracite-colored inner lining. It also comes in the optional color versions anthracite and brown, which are enhanced by a gleaming silvery appearance. Delicate glittering fibers are woven into the fabric of the soft-top, allowing it to reflect the rays of the sun, which shows the gleaming silver effect to full advantage.

Fresh air at the touch of a button

The fresh air enjoyment begins with the touch of a button in the center console. The convertible top compartment opens and within 20 seconds the hydraulically-powered tension bow roof glides behind the rear seats, folding down in the trunk of the car. The innovative roof can be opened and closed at speeds of up to 50 km/h. With a load capacity of 335 liters when the roof is closed, the trunk has a luggage space volume of 30 liters more than its predecessor.

Well-insulated and aerodynamic

The convertible roof of the new BMW 2 Series convertible is the result of the consequential advancement of the tension bow roof design concept. Thus, for example, it features outstanding acoustic insulation: The insulation developed by Webasto significantly reduces airstream-generated wind noise in the passenger compartment. Interior noise reduction by 5 dB(A) was achieved on the front seats and by as much as 7 dB(A) on the back seats. The insulation is integrated as a separate layer under the fabric of the soft-top, has flat ten millimeter thickness and is therefore almost inconspicuous. Moreover, it provides optimal insulation for the passenger compartment, protecting the interior of the vehicle from heat loss on cooler days. Even better, thanks to very taut convertible top tension, when it is closed, the soft-top enhances the superb aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and fits perfectly into sporty elegance of the lines of the smallest convertible in the BMW model range.


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