Automotive Megatrends India 2015

Automotive Megatrends India 2015

Automotive Megatrends India is a unique event that brings together the key players of the passenger car and commercial vehicle industries of today with the innovators and game-changers of the lightweight, efficient, connected automotive world of tomorrow.


The conference will this year focus on Commercial Vehicle (Dec 2) Powertrain Innovation, Freight Efficiency and Lightweighting & Manufacturing and Passenger Car (Dec 3) Powertrain Innovation, Connectivity and Lightweighting & Manufacturing.


Hyatt Regency, Weikfield IT Park, Pune Nagar Road, Pune – 40014, India

Who Speaks?

80+ passenger car and commercial vehicle executives, decision makers and thought leaders with expertise in the following areas:

  • Connected vehicles

  • Freight efficiency

  • Powertrain innovation

  • Lightweighting & Manufacturing

Who Attends?

400+ automotive industry stakeholders, including:

  • Suppliers / Service Providers (39%)

  • OEMs (33%)

  • Management Consultants (12%)

  • Finance / Investors (8%)

  • Government (6%)

  • Other (2%)


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