China International Auto Products Expo 2015

China International Auto Products Expo 2015

With 250,000㎡ exhibition area which covers thousands of leading companies in automotive industry, CIAPE offer a unique meeting place for vehicle makers, OEM manufacturers, aftermarket manufacturers, traders, dealers, repair chain stores, auto parts centers, workshops, service providers etc.


CIAPE focuses on mobile internet which plays an important role in upgrade of the entire auto industry. It will lead to fundamental changes in design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and services.

OE market

State-of-the-art technologies and cutting edge products will be displayed. Chinese companies are encouraged to integrate international and domestic resources, develop intelligent manufacturing and speed up supplying ability. A group of world-class Chinese auto parts suppliers are emerging. 


Under the guideline of ten related government departments, CIAPE integrated unions of domestic wearing parts, auto parts from Europe, America, Japan and Korea, commercial vehicle parts, micro car parts and maintenance, testing equipment, school enterprise cooperation and large-scale suppliers, distributors and service providers in the aftermarket. By doing so, CIAPE aims to boost fair competition, break monopoly in auto parts industry and implement traceability system. CIAPE is committed to grow e-commerce and encourage innovation and integrated development.


Engine system, chassis system, body system, electronic system, general parts and materials (OE parts, brand parts, AM parts, remanufactured parts)



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