YUKO Synthetic High-Tech motor oil

YUKO Synthetic High-Tech motor oil

Intended for modern gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans from Japan and US carmakers.


Produced of high-qualitysynthetic base oils with additives, providing high performance of engine within a wide temperature range and extending its service life.

Provides improved safety as compared to mineral and semi-synthetic oils.

Special low-ash formula. Has an extended drain interval. Compatible with injector and multivalve engines, including turbocharged ones, with intercooler and catalyst.


  • Provides a reliable engine protection under various conditions incl. extreme operating mode; 

  • Optimum for the use both in urban cycle and cross-country conditions;

  • Due to its fluidity reduces fuel consumption;

  • Significantly extends engine service life due to multipurpose additives package, with excellent low temperature, antifriction, anticorrosion, detergent and antioxidant properties;

  •  Maintains effectiveness for maximum long period, which allows to extend significantly oildrain intervals;

  • Due to superior viscosity/temperature properties, provides safe engine start at low temperatures in winter, including the regions with harsh weather conditions in winter; 

  • Conforms to modern requirements of world leaders in equipment manufacture concerning oil consumption, volatility, energy saving;

  • Produced using the technology and under control of LUBRIZOL® corporation – the world leader in the field of lubricant components manufacture. 


SAE 5W-30  



VW 502.0/505.00

MB 229.3


Opel GM-LL-025


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