New accessory drive kits now available

New accessory drive kits now available

ContiTech is systematically continuing its kit strategy and adding accessory drive kits to its range for the automotive aftermarket. Dealers and workshops can order the kits now.

The new ContiTech accessory drive kits contain multiple V-ribbed belts and the required tensioner and idler pulleys in OEM quality. Depending on the application, the kits also contain dampers and small components. With around 100 complete packages, the specialist for belt drive components is covering the most frequent applications.

When the multiple V-ribbed belt is replaced, ContiTech recommends changing the tensioner as well, and various automotive manufacturers explicitly also stipulate that all components should be changed. "The tensioner is a part that becomes worn over time," explains Markus Pirsch, head of Marketing Service. "If this reduces the tension of the multiple V-ribbed belt, wide-ranging consequential damage can occur – particularly if it gets into the toothed belt drive." Changing both components at the same time increases safety for both the engine and the vehicle owner. Subsequent service work to the belt drive is not required because all components involved are replaced – clearly in the interests of the customer. In addition, customers benefit from the extensive services and expertise of the drive specialist and get everything they need from a single source.

Kit solutions for professionals

ContiTech provides customers with a central point of contact in the free market for replacement parts. "We want to offer not only first-class products, but also a comprehensive package that allows our retail and workshop partners to work more efficiently," says Pirsch. An increasingly extensive kit range is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The focus here is also on timing belt kits with water pumps. This is because the only way to guarantee fault-free operation of the engine is to ensure that both components are of a high quality and completely intact. The complete package from ContiTech with timing belts, tensioner and idler pulleys, accessories and water pumps makes it easier for automotive professionals to replace all components in the belt drive at the same time. The parts are precisely coordinated with each other and do not need to be ordered individually.


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