Comprehensive Carefree Package for Air Spring Installation

Comprehensive Carefree Package for Air Spring Installation

ContiTech offers a globally unique service for the air spring replacement business: In its capacity as the first air spring manufacturer to date, the company offers its customers complete mounting kits that have been precisely customized to each type of air spring.

Known as ScrewKits, they are suitable for ContiTech and PHOENIX air springs. They thus cover around 300 applications in trucks, trailers, and buses. The ScrewKits are available worldwide.

At present, 37 different ScrewKits for ContiTech and PHOENIX air springs are available to dealers and workshops. By precisely stating the relevant references, customers can easily select the correct kit for the air spring in question. In addition to the usual nuts and bolts, the ScrewKits also contain special designs, such as those with fine threads. "The 100% fitting accuracy makes it easier for dealers to allocate a kit to the air spring in question. It also makes installation easier for workshops," says Alexander Papadimitriou, head of the Independent Aftermarket segment at ContiTech Air Spring Systems. "The time-consuming process of assembling the different components is omitted and errors can be prevented."

All mounting materials contained in the kits meet the highest quality standards and have been tested in accordance with ISO standards. They thus offer maximum safety. The uniform packaging size also makes logistics and storage of the ScrewKits easier for dealers. The product references are noted on the box, which means the kits can be precisely allocated easily and quickly. "Many dealers have been won over by the ScrewKits," reports product manager Ingo Rosenau. "As a result, we are planning on further expanding this service in the future."



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