Safety Ready For Impact

Here in the cavernous sled lab, staff work intensively over the cab section of a pickup truck. Window glass has been removed and the windshield has been replaced by plexiglass, but the interior is present, and a crash test dummy is belted into the seat. Angelo Adler is Senior Manager Systems Engineering at ZF TRW’s Occupant Safety Systems (OSS) test center in Washington Township, Michigan. He says it takes about twice as long to correctly set up a test event as it does to analyze the immense amount of data that is generated. Firing mechanisms, lighting and dummy test circuits all must be checked for accuracy, timing and functionality.
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Zeetex launches online tyre safety campaign

Dubai based tyre brand, Zeetex has launched an online tyre safety campaign. Targeting both B2B and B2C segments, the new campaign addresses key concepts and tips, such as tyre inflation, with both textual and graphical content. Customers and end-users can follow the campaign on social media via the hashtags, #ZEETEX, #FuelForTires, and #SpendAnExtraMinute.
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Continental Integrates Gesture-Based Control into the Steering Wheel

A quick swipe with the thumb, a light wave with the hand, and the driver can accept an incoming call, activate the required driving mode or start their favorite song – gesture-based control is already known from the world of entertainment electronics and has been making inroads into vehicles for some time now. Further development of this new control system in the car is being driven by Continental.
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