AP Racing continues Radi-CAL approach to brake fluid

AP Racing continues Radi-CAL approach to brake fluid

Coventry-based performance braking and clutch systems manufacturer AP Racing has realigned its brake fluids range to embrace its ‘Radi-CAL’ philosophy of innovation and development.

Following the launch of AP Racing’s R4 brake fluid last year – a product said to have the highest dry boiling point of any racing brake fluid currently available, the company has now rebranded the remaining products in its brake fluid line-up. AP Racing says this change will make it even easier for customers to pick the right product – no matter the application.

Retaining the same part numbers and the same formulation, the rebranded fluids deliver the same performance that AP Racing customers currently enjoy. Going forward, the branding change allows advances in brake fluid technology to be easily incorporated into the AP Racing product range.

Developed using AP Racing’s sizable road and race car experience, the range of fluids are inspired by the Radi-CAL range high-performance brake callipers, which were first launched in 2007. Covering every application and budget, the new range of brake fluids replace the existing line up.

Radi-CAL R4 brake fluid

Designed to perform better than any other brake fluid during the heavy-duty braking experienced in the highest levels of international motorsport, R4 brake fluid offers outstanding resistance to vapour lock and pedal fade. Its dry boiling point of 340⁰C (644⁰F) ensures its suitability for the most demanding applications. Delivering a firmer brake pedal at extreme temperatures, R4 offers enhanced lubrication, compared to the previous market leader, prolonging the life of metal components within the system and improving overall efficiency.

Radi-CAL R3 brake fluid

Suitable for all top levels of motorsport, where abnormal temperatures are experienced, R3 features advanced moisture resistance properties, low levels of viscosity (for ease of bleeding), low levels of compressibility and meets DOT4 specifications. Radi-CAL R3 replaces AP Racing’s PRF660 brake fluid.

Radi-CAL R2 brake fluid

With a dry boiling point exceeding 300°C, R3 has been developed for racing applications where high operating temperatures are to be expected, which includes using carbon discs, and the ultimate in brake fluid performance is required. Radi-CAL R2 replaces AP Racing’s 600 Racing Fluid.

Radi-CAL R1 brake fluid

Suitable for all forms of motorsport, R1 conforms to FMVSS 116 DOT3 specification and is compatible with magnesium components, but has a higher boiling point than normal brake fluids intended for road use. Radi-CAL R1 replaces AP Racing’s 551 Racing Fluid.

Factory R DOT 5.1 Road/Competition Brake & Clutch Fluid

Factory DOT 5.1 is a premium specification Motor Vehicle Brake and Clutch Fluid which conforms to and exceeds the current international specifications U.S. FMVSS No 116, DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1, S.A.E. J1703, SAE J1704 and ISO4925. Factory R DOT 5.1 replaces AP Racing’s Formula DOT 5.1 Performance Fluid.


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