J&S to provide aftermarket training solutions as new ADI partner

J&S to provide aftermarket training solutions as new ADI partner

J&S Automotive has announced that it has become the Irish distribution partner for the AD International Group.

AD International (ADI) is a leading automotive distribution network, with partners throughout Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. The scale of the operation allows it to not only provide access to a comprehensive range of parts, tools and equipment, but also services such as training and technical support, which are becoming ever more crucial to the independent aftermarket, as the fast pace of technical evolution in motor vehicles races ahead.

By becoming the AD Partner for Ireland, J&S will now be in a position to provide the Irish aftermarket with a wide range of technical support services and information, including a professionally certified level of technical training. This is provided under the Eure!Car program, a comprehensive series of high-quality technical training courses for professional technicians, which has already proved successful in 29 countries. These courses are designed to provide independent garages with the competence and expertise to meet the challenges of working on the very latest vehicle technology.

J&S says that it plans to introduce Eure!Car training in close cooperation with Irish motor factors, to provide Ireland's independent aftermarket with practical and accessible training, to help ensure its future as vehicle technology moves forward.

ADI has also now taken on a true global dimension with the announcement that it has teamed up with the National Pronto Association (Pronto) in a joint venture called "1Parts”. Pronto is a distribution network similar to ADI which operates in North America. The move brings together global partners who share a common vision and will allow for pooled resources in areas such as technical support, data sharing and training iniatives.


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