Lightweight 6x2 Axle Available on Class 8 Kenworths

Lightweight 6x2 Axle Available on Class 8 Kenworths

Kenworth is offering Dana Spicer EconoTrek 6x2 tandem axles as an option on its Class 8, on-highway trucks.


The Spicer EconoTrek lightweight drive and tag axle configuration has enhanced fuel economy, weight savings, improved performance, reduced need for maintenance and is up to 3% more fuel efficient compared to traditional 6x4 tandem axles, accordign to Dana.

The EconoTrek is more than 300 pounds lighter than Kenworth’s standard 40,000 pound drive axle configuration. The drive and tag axles can accommodate both dual and wide-base tires and gear ratios ranging from 2.53 – 7.82.

The 6x2 configuration is becoming more popular with fleet truck operators in their efforts to achieve fuel economy gains while also saving weight and increasing payload, said Kenworth. It features a robust housing design and is optimized for use with electronically controlled load distribution air suspension systems and must be specified with the Kenworth AG380 or AG400L suspensions.

Operators must also have a driver-controlled differential lock and the Bendix eTrac traction enhancement option which transfers weight to the drive axle for better low-speed traction.


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