SmartTruck TopKit Offers 'Near-invisible" Aero Improvement for Trailers

SmartTruck TopKit Offers 'Near-invisible" Aero Improvement for Trailers

SmartTruck's new TopKit system aerodynamic device is a "nearly invisible" system for improving fuel efficiency on dry-van and refrigerated trailers.


The TopKit system consists of an aero rain guard component that runs along the top rear-edge of a trailer as well as two side fairing components on the rear-side edges. The TopKit is about 1 inch thick and weighs 72 pounds. The company says it provides a SmartWay-verified 5.5% fuel savings.

SmartTruck says the system works well for trailers equipped with either swing or roll-up doors. It also can be used on straight trucks. The TopKit does not require driver involvement or have any moving parts.

The TopKit system was designed to provide a nearly invisible alternative to side skirts, boat tails and other devices that extend far from a trailer’s outside edges and create durability concerns as well as blocking access to the trailer for routine inspections and maintenance.

The design of TopKit also eliminates the increased heating of tires and brakes that can result from the use of underside-based systems, according to the company, while SmartTruck’s top-based aerodynamic solution reduces the opportunity for damage from dock or intermodal operations.

'Near-invisible" Aero Improvement for Trailers

The TopKit system is a stand-alone certified solution, but it can also function as a complementary component with other SmartTruck systems.

The TopKit system is EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant.


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