Webb Ductile Iron Hub Sheds 3.5 Pounds

Webb Ductile Iron Hub Sheds 3.5 Pounds

Webb Wheel OEM has redesigned its ductile-iron TN-model trailer hub to make it lighter and to simplify brake drum installation.

The patent-pending design of the Webb 2023 TN trailer hub includes a scalloped flange which reduces overall weight by 3.5 pounds compared to the previous design.

The hub now weighs 35 pounds, which Webb claims is the lightest ductile iron hub available for 25,000-pound-rated TN trailer axles. 

The hub has 10 drum pilots (five combination wheel/drum pilots, five individual drum pilots) which are radially aligned with the studs. This new design reduces the probability of non-concentric mounting by reducing frictional forces between the hub and drum during the assembly process, Webb says.

An oil plug pad has been relocated and angled, increasing accessibility of the plug after wheel installation.

All future production will incorporate the redesigned elements.

The new Webb TN trailer hub is a direct replacement for all current 2123 and 2023 hub applications.


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