SOGEFI first choice for PSA's new EURO 6 compliant engines

SOGEFI first choice for PSA's new EURO 6 compliant engines

PSA has selected Sogefi Group as the exclusive tier one supplier of key components for its new 2L Blue HDi DW10F engine series. Sogefi is PSA's first choice supplier for products used in the important oil, diesel, air and water circuits on the basis of the innovative technological features it proposed. Sogefi´s OE-quality replacement filters will be soon available to aftermarket customers.

PSA's introduction of this innovative diesel engine series comes ahead of new passenger cars emission requirements (Euro 6 emission regulation) which come into force next September. The new DW10F engine is being used in a broad range of PSA group vehicles, including Peugeot's 308, 508, 3008, 5008, RCZ and Expert and Citroën's C4, C5, C4 Picasso, Jumpy, DS4 and DS5. Depending on markets, there are currently three variants of the DW10F producing outputs of 110 kW/150 HP, 100 kW/135 HP and 133 kW/180 HP.

The new DW10F features selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for the first time, a new NOX reduction system and improvements in the oil pump and water drain case designs. Together, these innovations improve fuel economy and engine performance, while preserving torque and reducing CO2 emissions.

Sogefi Group's contributions to the new engine include an innovative three-way coolant valve which is part of the water drain case, the air filter and the oil and diesel filter modules.

The coolant valve controls three different circuits in rapid sequence, providing optimum adjustment to the engine operating temperature. It allows that temperature to be reached more quickly from cold, while the quick response valve enhances passenger comfort by optimizing the heating and cooling of the passenger compartment.

SOGEFI first choice for PSA's new EURO 6 compliant engines

The air filter, which will be used on a number of DW10F models (3008, 5008, DS4 and DS5), is flame retardant. The use of a pre-filter and of specific media made of an improved internal structure ensures a long filter lifetime, even when the vehicle is used in very dusty environments. Aftermarket replacement filters will be available with the following part numbers: Purflux: A1275, Fram®: CA10417, CoopersFiaam: PA7560, Tecnocar: A2247.

The oil filter module is part of a novel auto-adaptive oil maintenance system that optimizes filtration performance. This system is highly significant for the aftermarket because it monitors deterioration in the quality of the engine oil. The harder a vehicle is driven, the more frequently the oil and filter need to be changed. The new module ensures continued optimal engine performance and prolonged engine life by alerting the driver to when such changes are necessary.

The spin-on oil filter employs a high technology filtration media, made of cellulosic and synthetic PE fibres mixed together, and the exclusive “chevron” pleated design developed by Sogefi. Delivering outstanding filtration performance, it screens particles as small as 4µm, ensuring engine reliable performance throughout its life and an efficient turbocharger protection.

Remarkably, as well as providing finer filtration, the module has been designed to withstand very high oil flow rates – up to 60 liters per minute – and temperatures as high as 155°C. Those stringent operating conditions are the consequence of downsized engines, which provide better performance and lower fuel consumption for smaller and lighter engines.

This component will be soon available to the aftermarket for all the Sogefi brands: Purflux LS923, CoopersFiaam FT5656, Fram® PH9599, Tecnocar R305.

Sogefi Group´s new diesel filter module also delivers exceptionally high filtration, capturing almost all particles bigger than 4µm. This meets the demanding levels of protection needed by the latest generations of Diesel Fuel and Common Rail injectors, ensuring next-to-come Euro 6 regulation compliance.

The filter body is made entirely of weight-saving plastic and contains a Sogefi designed “chevron” pleated filter element. This exclusive pleating technology saves space and weight on the vehicle.  The “Eco-filter” element has been developed to avoid clogging by diesel fuels, including Biodiesel (B30), available in different geographic locations. It employs Sogefi's "Diesel3Tech" technology, which protects the Injection System against water droplets in fuel. It captures almost any water droplets bigger than 20µm, and maintains performance over time. In normal use the filter will last more than 60,000 km, or four years, and even around 40,000 km with hard driving.

Aftermarket replacement filters will be available from this April with the following part numbers: Purflux C533A, CoopersFiaam FA6130ECO, Fram®CH11781ECO, Tecnocar N615.

Both the oil filter and diesel filter modules have been positioned to facilitate servicing. By making the oil filter about 20% smaller and lighter than the previous one it has been more easily integrated into the engine. Likewise, the positioning of the diesel filter makes it easy to drain water from the top for ease of servicing.









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