Bosch adds GDI part numbers to fuel injection product line

Bosch adds GDI part numbers to fuel injection product line

Robert Bosch LLC has added 23 part numbers to its line of fuel injectors.

With these additions, the fuel injection product line has expanded to cover a total of 6.5 million vehicles in operation.

Of the new part numbers, 11 are Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) part numbers that account for 4.1 million vehicles. The Bosch Fuel Injection product line now has a market share of 27%, up from 24% a year ago.


Bosch GDI part

«As a leading supplier of fuel injection products to OEMs worldwide, Bosch is now bringing this advanced OE-level technology to the aftermarket to ensure that auto repair technicians can replace a worn component with the same OE part», - says Stephen Albert, product manager, fuel injection. «This assurance is critical because servicing GDI applications is costlier and more labor intensive than port fuel injection service», - he said.

Gasoline direct injection consists of a low-pressure and a high-pressure circuit. At the low-pressure circuit the electric fuel pump (EKP) delivers the fuel to the high pressure pump (HDP) with a pressure of approximately 6 bar.  The high-pressure pump compresses the fuel to up to 200 bar and delivers it to the fuel rail. The rail then distributes it to the high-pressure injectors (HDEVs) where it is injected into the combustion chamber in a finely atomized and precisely dosed manner. This ensures optimal combustion.

Due to  precise metering, preparation and distribution of the intake air and the injected fuel for each combustion stroke, the engine works with extraordinary efficiency – allowing for fuel savings of up to 20 percent as well as  low emissions, according to the company.

 «Most important, these benefits are achieved without compromising the horsepower or performance of the vehicle», - says Albert.

He says gasoline direct injection is one of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient means of generating energy in a vehicle. «Additionally, it also contributes to the current trend among the OEMs toward vehicle downsizing. As a result of this trend, the market share of gasoline direct injection systems is estimated to grow by more than 100% over the next several years – from 13% currently to 28% in 2015».

Albert expects that the demand for high quality maintenance and repair in the independent aftermarket will grow as the trend toward using advanced technology systems increase in automobiles.

«Techs will need top quality, reliable parts to service current and future systems; that is where Bosch can help», - says Albert.


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