MAHLE – Reliability and Competence of OEM Supplier

MAHLE – Reliability and Competence of OEM Supplier

The largest auto spare parts manufacturers became leaders in their spheres due to the fact that they do not limit their activity to the production of parts only. They always keep pace with the progress, cooperate with car makers and formulate their strategies in a correct way. Why the original equipment supplier status signifies high quality even more today than before? The Head of MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH Representative Office in Ukraine Mrs. Joanna Szkudlapska-Wlodarczyk and MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH Regional Sales Manager in Ukraine Mr. Aleksander Matata answered these questions to INFO-PARTS journalists during AD OPEN 2013.

Info-parts:     What is the guarantee of your products’ high quality?

       First of all, the high quality of our products is confirmed by the fact that 95% of our business is supplies to the car manufacturers for the original equipment. Over 140 renowned engine and vehicle manufacturers use MAHLE engine components and filters. It is evident that the car manufacturers’ warranty obligations simply force them to ensure the installment of first-class spare parts, which are produces by our company. For our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, no product recalls – and thus a strong brand. Quality management is fully integrated into all business processes. We have developed an in-house Group quality planning and controlling standard, which is being repeatedly put into the test, and even more effective standards are being defined and implemented.

Info-parts:     Do you produce the goods under car manufacturers’ design, or rather develop your own solutions?

Our scientific and research centers closely cooperate with car manufacturers, and all the latest technologies were developed by us together with them – this allows us to improve the production technology as well as the quality of our products.

Info-parts:     How does your company cares about the environmental protection?

MAHLE:       MAHLE is deeply engaged in development of various environmental programs, and we also cooperate closely with car manufacturers concerning them. The company works on the projects of CO2 emissions reduction. The main trend in automotive business, which now is a part of ecology protection strategy, is so-called “downsizing”, which means engine capacity reduction while retaining sufficient power.

Range Extender is another innovation of our company – a small engine for electric cars, which performs the recharging function.

Info-parts:     What are MAHLE plans for the future? What do you expect from the CIS countries markets?

MAHLE:       Actually CIS market is very important for us, as well as the whole Eastern Europe Aftermarket, being one of the most promising ones. In perspective we hope to see here a lot of fast-growing customers. That is why today MAHLE Company not only pays great attention to the development of the product range and new technologies, but also increases the availability of goods, especially for customers of the CIS market. In 2014 a new logistics center with total space of 10 000 m² and an office with 35 employees is opening in Russia. We consider that this decision will strengthen our market position in Eastern Europe and increase the loyalty to our company from distributors, as well as from shops and services. We would like to thank our customers, who buy our products and use its in their daily work – mechanics on auto service stations, shops and other automotive professionals, and wish further development to all of them. We hope that with the new logistics center opening in Russia, MAHLE auto spare parts consumption will increase even more!





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